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    "Welcome to Budding-A. I'm Aloy and I'll be singing couple of songs for your dining pleasure. So, folks, sit back, relax and enjoy the show." After he said that, he started strumming his guitar and begun to sing.
    "Whenever I see your smiling face... I had to smile myself because I love you, Yes, I do... When you give that pretty little pout, It turns me inside out... Something about ya baby, I don't know... Isn't it amazing a man like me can feel this way... Tell me how much longer it could go stronger everyday..."
    As Aloy was singing his rendition of James Taylor's Smiling Face, Chris was raptly listening to his student. He couldn't believe how lovely Aloy's voice. Never had it entered his mind that this same guy in his class could be so talented.
    Through out the show, he was gawking over Aloy. At, first, he said to himself that he was just fascinated with Aloy's vocal abilities. But as moments passed by, he was seeing the boy in a different light. He started noticing the way the teenager's lanky swimmer type body sway when he would sing some up beat songs. At 5'10, Aloy could really dance and shake his bubbly buttock very sensually. It nicely toned and very well defined just perfect for touching. Then, he noticed how beautiful Aloy's face was. The guy has creamy white smooth complexion, perfect round black eyes, thin nose, and reddish lips. Perfect for kissing, he said to himself. Chris couldn't believe that he was entertaining such thoughts. At that moment, he felt like a schoolboy who had seen his crush for the very first time. He tried to dismiss his reaction towards Aloy as mere admiration for a fellow member of the male species. But he couldn't deny that he was starting to lust for the adolescent, more than he ever lusted for his girlfriend. Though, it had troubled him, he also felt at home at the same. This confused his thoughts a lot.
    Chris felt like he was staring at Aloy, eternally, but in reality, it was just a couple of minutes. Debbie didn't noticed it because she was watching Aloy the whole time. But Jake did. Jake recognized that looked before, but couldn't quite place it. All he knew was his best friend was heading for trouble very soon. He was about to ask Chris if everything was alright, but he opted not to. He would rather have Chris open up to him than pry into his private thoughts.
    Meanwhile, on the stage, Aloy saw that his professor was present in the club. He found it very accelerating that the love of life was watching him perform. And he was doing his best to captive him with his sensual singing and moves. In between his performance, he noticed the way Chris looked at him and he recognized that look. Chris' eyes revealed a very raw and passionate look. At first, Aloy wasn't sure if he had read it right. Could it be that Chris like him? It couldn't be, Chris was all male and full of machismo, he said to himself. But why he was staring at him that way. These questions lingered in his mind. Eventually, he set aside his thought about Chris and focused his attention on his act. He didn't want his performance to be affected by his libido. There would be plenty of opportunity to test the water, he assured himself.
    A week after the incident in the club, Chris and Aloy hadn't had the opportunity to talk to each other. It was a hectic week for both of them. Chris was busy making test questionnaires while Aloy busied himself reviewing. Both of them tried to block any thoughts they had for one another. And, they succeeded in doing so. When the mid-term week was over. Things were almost back to normal. Both of them totally forgot the tension they might had felt towards each other at the club. Aloy forced himself to believe that he was reading Chris way off. Likewise, Chris pretended that he didn't felt anything for Aloy.
    Then one day something happened that both of them didn't expect. Chris was going home and when he reached the parking, he saw that Aloy's vehicle was parked beside his car. He wandered where Aloy might be. Suddenly, he started to feel very excited at the thought he would bump into his student. As he approached his car, he saw something or someone moved inside Aloy's Vitara. He looked to see if Aloy was inside, and when he did he was shocked with what he saw. From the windshield, he could see Aloy with some guy he could see the face. Aloy was in the driver's seat, his polo were fully open exposing his erected brown nipples. His eyes were closed from the ecstasy he was receiving from his partner while the other guy was sucking his left teat. Aloy's right hand was placed on the other guy's head and pushing it harder into his nipple. While, his left hand was groping his hard on in his jeans. Chris was totally stunned by the whole scene.
    "Shit!" Chris said very loudly. And placed his hands on his mouth to stop himself from further outbursts. But it was too late. Aloy opened his eyes somewhat in a dreamy state, and when he saw Chris was looking at them through the windshield, he panicked. He pushed his sex partner away from his chest, and went out of his vehicle. Then the other guy realized that they had been caught went out of the conveyance and ran.
    "Wait!" Aloy shouted to his companion, but the other guy just kept on running. He turned his head towards Chris, and his professor just stood there with that surprised looked in his face. He tried to regain his composure as he approached his teacher, but the latter turned his back from him. Chris was about to opened his car door when Aloy's right hand got hold of his left shoulder.



    "Sir Chris, let me explain," his voice was trembling.
    "Aloy, there's nothing to explain. What you do in your time is your business not mine." There were traces of anger in his voice.
    "Sir, I..." before Aloy could finished his sentence, Chris entered his car and shut the door. Aloy knocked through the window of the driver's side but Chris wouldn't opened it. Instead, he drove off leaving Aloy in the parking lot alone and crying.
    Aloy stayed in his room that night crying. How could he be stupid? How could he face Chris again? At that moment, he wished that he was dead. Negative thoughts filled his mind and he was very depressed. Things couldn't get worse than it is, he said to himself. He cried himself to sleep, not knowing what tomorrow lies ahead.
    Chris arrived at his house stinking drunk. He couldn't erase the images he saw earlier in the parking lot. He was infuriated. Yet, he didn't know why. He wanted to kick Aloy's ass, but he couldn't come up with the reason why. Then he run to the bathroom and sank his head in the toilet. He was vomiting. Not because he was disgusted with Aloy, but due to the amount of alcohol he had consumed. After he left the parking lot, he proceeded to a bar and drank his anger away. When he was finished throwing up, he dragged his body in the shower and cleaned himself.
    Chris is now restlessly laying in his bed. He couldn't sleep. How could he do something dumb like getting drunk? He had no answer to his question, all he knew he was totally piss off at Aloy. He was trying to analyze his reaction and it dawned to him - he was jealous. And, he knew the reason why. He was jealous because Aloy was doing it with another guy and not with him. And, these thoughts frightened him. How could he feel this way? He was not gay, he rationalized. Yet, the more he analyze his feelings, the more he was convinced that he had fallen in love with Aloy. God, he said aloud, how could this be. This can't be happening, he said. What about my wedding and Debbie? He couldn't come up with the answer, and he stopped searching for one. All he wished right now that he hadn't left Aloy in the parking without letting him know how he felt towards him. And that is, he loves him.
    The following morning, Chris woke up with a throbbing headache. He called the school where he was teaching to inform them that he was sick. After instructing them where his lesson plans were he put the phone down and went to the bathroom to take his shower.
    Meanwhile, Aloy was in the classroom anxiously waiting for Chris. He didn't absent himself from class for he thought sooner or later he has to face the music, might as well get it over with now. Then, the substitute entered the classroom announced that Mr. Garcia was sick. Aloy's heart begun to palpitate faster, and he wished that he could be with Chris and take care of him. All his fears of being confronted by Chris' judging eyes were gone. All he wanted right now, was to make sure that Chris was okay.
    Chris kneeled inside the confession box.
    "Son, tell me what's on your mind."
    "You see father, I'm having some problems right now." Chris said.
    "What about?"
    "You see, I'm about to get married and I'm in love with someone else."
    "I see, go on," encouraged the priest.
    "And to make matters worst, I'm in love with a guy who's a student of mine."
    to be continued next week ...


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